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Welcome to my website. I'm the webmistress of makemefeelso.neocities.org (using this term feels like catching up with the inside jokes of a new class) and I hope you enjoy your stay.

No separate about me page. You don't need to know much.

she · minor · Eurasian · ISTJ

I like a lot of things, such as music, debates, biology, crime and self-help books, card games and minimalism.

If you belong in any of the groups listed here, please stay away from my page and get a therapist: Pro-shippers, radfems, Zionists, Islamophobes, dudebros, edgelords, misogynistic mlm shippers, miserable haters, people who put media or celebs over morals and people who pop blood vessels over their hobbies.

I created this site for fun, somewhat improving my coding skills and sharing my thoughts. I chose Neocities because what I was going for was very specific and required more freedom. I used to have a whole dissertation as a longer answer but you don't need to read that either.

I named the site while listening to "You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship and Sabi. It was originally supposed to be named "baejin" after one of my favorite idols Bae Jinyoung but I was scared I would fail, delete my account and leave the handle unavailable. Not planning on changing the current handle though.

Neocities QCD (Touma) ARandomSite Heart143 himenolover (Tian)

I have interests. Here's a slightly more detailed list of them.

Music: The Neighbourhood, CIX, Lexie Liu, aespa, Kang Daniel, Woodz, Arctic Monkeys, Doja Cat, anders, Tinashe, ENHYPEN, Tame Impala, Kali Uchis, Childish Gambino, STAYC and a lot more

Movies/TV: I’m not an avid TV or movie watcher at all but I loved The Matrix, I’ve also seen the Back to the Future trilogy and I promoted ASOUE like I was getting paid through middle school. Plus I've been rewatching Spongebob lately, if that counts ofc

Books: Still didn't fill out the list. Just know I have some favorites.

Manga/anime: Spy x Family, Death Note, Chainsaw Man, Ayashimon, Tokyo Ghoul, Perfect Blue, Love is War and more

Let me know in the cbox or NC comments if we have something in common! I'm more than happy to find people with similar interests.

TDL • Work on shrines, embed NavLink ads, maybe add a homepage ramble section, create a media/shrine section, move images to Catbox? Imgur is so convenient though

web counter ♠ Working on media page! Take a wild guess at who the first shrine will be dedicated to. Feeling: The current mood of baejin at www.imood.com
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Change Log

27.01.22: Media page officially added. I think I created it like 2 days ago though idk

22.01.22: New censorship pandas (click on one of them to adopt yours) + hoarded a whole lot of graphics incl stamps

17.01.22: Microblog added

16.01.22: Fly high MMFS 2.0 2021-2022

06.01.22: Another button + request for Jellyworld jelly bond webring sent

04.01.22: Bookmarks page added

03.01.22: NEW BUTTON

02.01.22: Took down the snowflakes (it was about time), added a link to my old layout (scroll to view) and added a to-do list

01.01.22: Clickable answer to "Why did you create this site?" and fixed some scrollbox errors

31.12.21: Added some images to my interests section, index page is not that boring anymore yup

19.12.21: Started the shrines page, still very much incomplete

18.12.21: Had too much time on my hands and redesigned the site COMPLETELY (old version) + added a blog section! Also brought back the snowflake overlay

16.12.21: Finished the homepage yippee

15.12.21: Nearly finished index page, solved layout problems related to it

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