Classroom of the Elite and why Suzune Horikita is the true supreme

Jun 17, 2022 · TV/books

This will be my rant on this show and I will also talk about how hard I fell for my favorite character. Not much more, not much less. Disclaimer: Again, objectivity not guaranteed. And spoiler alert. Some are whitened out for your convenience (hover/select to view) but beware.

Classroom of the Elite's first season was one messy show. It portrayed a carefully constructed chaos and the masterminds that had to find the way out of the maze. The show left a strong impression on me but deep down I still feel this bitter aftertaste. Not sure if that's how I've been conditioned by the show to think, because I want to make it clear that I did enjoy it and believe it has been executed not badly, or if that's part of the few bits that... made me a bit queasy inside.

Let's start with the praise to the best part: The dramaticism. Oh God. Witnessing all the conflicts go down put a big amount of pressure and that's what made the show so thrilling. Just when you think you successfully predicted something, the show goes, wait, there's more. It's unpredictable without trying, it truly gets you immersed. The buildup in the form of miniscule hints and the long, narrow tunnel to actuality are a powerful duo. And that's why the show rightfully got its flowers and is deemed a high-quality psychological anime. Just excellent.

Now, I want to move on to the more debatable part. Am I supposed to strongly dislike these characters or..? I mean, they either are bird-brained (that would be generous actually) and are going the extra mile to make the especially regrettable decisions OR they're literally the spawn of Satan. Except one character, there's no in between. I can defend it by saying these are archetypes that represent different ideologies and groups in school/life and how terrible ppl can be yada yada, but come on, I did not sign up to see a bunch of buffoons and Shaytaan himself piled together to specifically frustrate viewers. That actually adds to the messiness which I mentioned that I loved but only one (1) character whose bones I don't wanna fracture? Seriously? There are many that ARE well-written but the last time that I've seen this kind of treatment in The Tale of the Two Cities. At this point if these kids aren't gonna start executing people I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands and demand proper character development from the author. I can say the same thing for the subtle fanservice. Yes, this anime is supposed to make you uncomfortable and review the issues of life but... these are 17 y/o's. You're inviting freaks to your fandom. Freaks who will miss every point imaginable and call underaged high school girls their wives. There should be no room for the romanticization of these uncomfortable parts at all, the lines should've been drawn more clearly. However, my viewing experience hasn't been disrupted because of this so this isn't a huge issue so far.

Finally, my favorite part is where I advocate for my character dominating the world, but this time, I drag everybody else bc they're all so unbearable. Suzune HoriQUEENta. Officially added to my gorgeous girl list. The winner, the one and only, the star, the legend. Talented, brilliant, bold, beautiful, possesses every quality I look for in a person. Outright amazing and unforgettable. Cold and blunt but still caring and sweet, and has her morals and sense of self-awareness, unlike the MC who is notorious for puppeteer-style manipulation and comes off as disgustingly in need of professional help.
I don't care what anybody says, the ending and some spoilers convinced me to become an Ayanokoji hate page. I do not like that man. Yes, he's smart and cunning and all, but he will always be inhumane and sinister to me. He's not morally grey, he's straight up EVIL. I'm in no way a villain hater, but even the most ruthless villains have their connections more personal motives and EMOTIONS. I understand that's due to the trauma his father made him endure but no wounds can excuse abusive tendencies. He's still young so it's highly unlikely that he's realized there's a lot wrong with him but the damage he does to others just to achieve his own goals needs to be stopped. This is the school's nature and this is the only way he can get anywhere in life, and he gets encouraged to use his trauma response to his own benefit which is highly creepy but I mean this is a psychological anime but... I pity and despise him at the same time. He's deeply intriguing and well-written but I can't bring myself to admire him. So sorry.
Back to Suzune praise! I love how AUTHENTIC and REAL she is, and how she flaunts how she has no hidden side, unlike a certain girl who is irritating and as fake as it can get. Will not even name her. She deserves everything horrendeous coming at her and more. Suzune on the other hand will prosper with her truth and will earn everything she has. She will stay on her throne while the losers and wannabes rot. I've also read that she healthily embraces her past and has arguably the best character development while the rest are stuck in the beginning. Not surprising. She's flawless and will ALWAYS have my support.

Update: Well! I don't HATE Ayanokoji anymore, nor did I hate him in the beginning, it's just that as much as I truly appreciate his incredible decision-making skills, strategies and wit, I also don't find his other traits very likable. I'm not complaining anymore bc I like more realistic (personality-wise) characters that have their vulnerabilities in general and I dislike the "that one badass character on the highest pedestal possible always comes and saves the day" trope. I generally find it childish and fairytale-like and prefer either a wider range of geniuses like this OR simply a well-balanced cast. Other than that, my feelings for him are rocky and irregular. I want to bow down to him and thank him for whatever he did one frame and pull out all of his hair the next. I quite like him but can't wait for the moment his whole world turns upside down. If you're one of his fans please don't resent me. Danke schön.

That's it. I liked this show quite a lot but have mixed feelings too. Horikita pls give me your number thx xoxo

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